Represtatives from Martin's Supermarket and WNDU TV present an oversized check to North School students to represent a grant which the school has earned.
A T-chart showing who MLK, Jr. was (a preacher, a dad, African American), what he had (dreams, hope, 4 kids), and wanted (peace, fairness, for all to get along)
a chalkboard with the word "EDUCATION" written on it.  a pair of reading glasses and chalk  lie on the woooden table which holds the chalk board, and also a red bound-book and an ink pen,
Graphic:  School Board Recognition Month, Janary 2023, Thank You! School Board Members .  MASB.
Superintendent Ric Seager, Teacher and Honoree Jennifer Hollandsworth, and BOE President Bill Spaulding
A graphic of a school building with a flag on top inside of a circle and  the words "Schools of Choice Applications"
Rita Broekema receives a box containing a Golden Apple Award from Board of Education representative Eric Laws
Ryan Smith stands in back.  In front are children Ryan and Maddison and teacher, Angela Schmidt
an artist rendering of a concession stand
Children and Adults at tables in the North School gym.  The children are playing bingo to win books.
A bunch of basketball on the floor up next to folded up bleachers