Text in a bordered box:  School Board Recognition Month, January 2022, MASB,  Proud School Board Member
A smiling Marcella Hunt hold an oversized, mock check for $694.00  from MEC
Drawing of a heart in heavy black ink with "rays" coming from each side
Panther Ornate
Girls on the Run Log Featuring a stylized drawing of a female runner  and the words "Girls on the Run" inside of several offset circles.  All are in pink and green.
clip art image with a school building in a circle next to a bar with the words "Schools of Choice Applications"
a figure of a person is holding an oversized magnifying glass and looking down on the word AGENDA  which is in blue block letters
Blue masking tape used to create an image on a wall of a suspension bridge with a road leading to a city in  the distance,
A girl in a chair with a teddy bear in her lap is reading to two other children who are in a bunk bed.
BC Sheriff Badge
Stylized Text which says "Watervliet Public Schols Foundation for Excellence"
A young woman is shelving a library book.