Great Start Readiness Program Logo
a clip art image of a blank calendar
a large group of high school students sits and stands on the stage in the auditorium.  The screen behind them says "WHS Class of 2022 Decision Day"
a group of people stand in front of and behind an angular sculpture with red, white, and blue components
Six  men and two women stand in a group, all facing the camera.  One man and one woman are holding an oversized check from Casey's made out to the school for $12,000.00
Mr. Ben Loshbough looks on as a girl and boy high school age student do schoolwork.  Text:  "He relates well to students -- he's a good listener.  It's almost like having a really smart friend to help you."  Devin Hodge and Olivia Camp,  Students at Watervliet High Schoo W-A-Y Program  #Learn by Heart.  At Watervliet Pubilc Schools we Learn By Heart
A group of individuals wearing face masks stands behind a sign reading," First Robotics Competition Chairman's Award, 2022 First in Michigan District Lakeview Event
Samantha Dietz close up of her from the waist up wearing her basketball uniform #4 standing under a basketball hoop
a black graduation mortarboard hat with a gold tassel sitting on 3 stacks of banded money (bills)