A girl in a chair with a teddy bear in her lap is reading to two other children who are in a bunk bed.
BC Sheriff Badge
Stylized Text which says "Watervliet Public Schols Foundation for Excellence"
A young woman is shelving a library book.
Panther Ornate
Artistic image of a young, African American woman in a library putting a book on the library shelf.
A round sign attached to a post.  The sign has a graphic of a security camera and the text, " security cameras in use".
Band 1
The Public School Tree with Roots logo:  A family may grow in different directions, but our roots remain as one.  Watervliet Public Schools.
Panther Ornate
Three female school cooks wearing aprons stand in the school kitchen.  They are all smiling for the camera.
Graphic of an art teacher instructing a female student who is holding a paper and has various papers with drawings or paintings on her table.
An apple with a heart in it and the words, "Substitute Teaching is a work of the Heart"