The Public School Tree with Roots logo:  A family may grow in different directions, but our roots remain as one.  Watervliet Public Schools.
Panther Ornate
Three female school cooks wearing aprons stand in the school kitchen.  They are all smiling for the camera.
Graphic of an art teacher instructing a female student who is holding a paper and has various papers with drawings or paintings on her table.
An apple with a heart in it and the words, "Substitute Teaching is a work of the Heart"
Photograph of the empty football staduim, including pressbox, bleachers, and bench
Adult woman leaning in at a table where we can see three young boy students and papers that they are working on.
Female Art teacher is working with a female student with paint brushes
Book Givaway tent with large "Free Books!" Sign and staff member
WHS Front
Graphiic of a female teacher standing at a table working with two male and one female student, about 12 years old.
W-A-Y Watervliet High School Student Bryce Meagher washing a school bus with a brush
Egypt graphic for the Watervliet Marching Band  2021-22 Program
Panther FB 1
football stadium grass, bench, bleachers, and pressbox
Watervliet school district logo