A flyer with the details fo a Holiday Book Bingo for North and South School Families on December 7, 2022, 5:30-6:30 PM in the North School Gym.  Every student attending will  leave with at least one book.

Literacy is the foundation of all that we do in education. The ability to read, write, and communicate are key for students’ learning in Math, Science, Social Studies, and beyond.  Because of that, Watervliet Public Schools continually focus on those essential skills.  

At school, teachers spend a great deal of time teaching literacy in the classroom.  As well, teachers and para pros provide strong support for students that struggle in reading.  We continue to work hard to grow students in their literacy skills by using the latest research and techniques in order to be effective.  However, that work shouldn’t stop at the school doors.

We believe that families are critical partners in teaching and learning, so earlier this year we held a community literacy event.  At the fair, the presenters provided reading materials and taught parents what they can do to foster their child’s interest and skills in reading.  We want to thank the teachers, literacy coaches, paraprofessionals, and administrators who helped make it a great success.  As well, we want to thank the community members and parents who came to the event to learn more about how they can help our children learn to read and write.

Coming up on December 7 from 5:30-6:30 pm in the North Elementary Gym, we will hold another literacy night for South and North Elementary students and their family members called Holiday Book Bingo!  This will be a time for students to play literacy-based games, win books, and get books so they have materials around the home for them to read.  Snacks will be provided and we hope families from North and South will join us in promoting reading in the home.  If you are a North or South parent, contact the building office to let them know you are interested.  

Our district will continue to collaborate with parents as partners so we can share in the process of teaching literacy.  Keep an eye out for additional events throughout the year including opportunities for the community to become involved in teaching our outstanding Panthers and grow strong readers!