Five middle school age girls stand next to a large pot where they are planting mums in downtown Watervliet

Project "Impact Watervliet" continues as Watervliet High School and Middle School student-athletes showed up en-mass in downtown Watervliet this afternoon to decorate the city for fall. Students placed hay bales and other decorations, festooned the light poles with corn stalks, and planted mums in the large planters on the city sidewalks.  Watervliet Mayor Deah Muth, City Manager Tyler Dotson, and Athletic Director Ken Dietz were there to oversee the project.

This is the third year that Panther high school athletes have been giving back to the community through the Impact Watervliet project, and the first time that middle school students have participated.  We love our community and we are proud to be Watervliet Panthers!