A group of 8 female teachers standing in front of a white wall

Students and parents will encounter many new faces at Watervliet Public School buildings this fall -  from teachers to paraprofessionals and secretaries, from nutrition service workers to the  Transportation and Maintenance Director, and from athletic coaches to the Special Education Director.  

Today, teachers new to the district spent the day with our administrators and began to become familiar with our WPS family and some of the procedures specifically related to teaching staff.  This is a wonderful, talented group of teachers and we are excited to have them here at WPS to participate in the education of your children. 

If you encounter any of these individuals at one of the school buildings or in the community, please give them a warm welcome.

Mystique Pounders, 2nd Grade Teacher Mystique Pounders, 2nd Grade Teacher

Paige Lanham, District Social Worker Paige Lanham, School Social Worker

Kris Lefor, HS Spanish  Kris Lefor, High School Spanish

Caroline Fletcher, HS Science  Caroline Fletcher, High School Science

Donya Mosher, HS Math Donya Mosher, High School Math

Janet Hedden, MS Math Teacher Janet Hedden, Middle School Math

Amy Moffatt, 4th Grade Teacher Amy Moffatt, 4th Grade Teacher

Amber Milius, 2nd Grade Teacher Amber Milius, 2nd Grade Teacher