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August 12, 2022

Watervliet Schools Announces Fall 2022 School of Choice Openings

Watervliet Public Schools announces that the district will accept applications from non-resident students for the Fall Semester of the 2022-2023 school year beginning August 29th, 2022. The application period will remain open until August 26, 2022.

To be eligible for Schools of Choice, applicants must be a resident of a district within an intermediate school district contiguous to the boundaries of the educating district’s intermediate school district. Transportation will not be provided for non-resident students. The non-resident applicant’s district of residence will be asked to provide information for evaluating the student’s application. Watervliet Public Schools may refuse to enroll a non-resident applicant who has been expelled and/or suspended within the preceding two years from school or has a poor attendance record at their resident district.

If the number of qualified non-resident applicants exceeds the enrollment allotments available, the district will use a random draw system that complies with State & Federal anti-discrimination laws. Applications not accepted by the random draw will be placed on a waiting list.

The following grade level openings are available for the 2022-23 School Year:

Young 5/


Grade 4:


Grade 9:



Grade 5:


Grade 10:


Grade 1:


Grade 6:


Grade 11:


Grade 2:


Grade 7:


Grade 12:


Grade 3:


Grade 8:


To obtain an application form or for further information contact Deah Muth at 463-0300 or stop by the Superintendent’s office located in Watervliet High School.

You will also find the School of Choice application at THIS LINK.