Sherry Cullitan and Heather Winter (two female teachers) are holding up a cake decorated with balloons and the words, "Best Wishes for a Happy Retirement

At Monday's Board of Education Meeting three retiring WPS staff members were presented with Golden Apples in recognition of their years of service to the school district as they prepare to retire this summer.  

Sherry Cullitan teaches first grade at Watervliet South Elementary School.  She has been teaching elementary school since 1988 and has been with the Watervliet School District for the past 25 years.  

Heather Winter is also a teacher with the District, serving the students at W-A-Y Watervliet High School for the past 9 years.  While she is retiring from WPS, Heather will continue to work with the Widening Advancements for Youth Program which operates in a number of districts.

Mark Isbrecht is currently the District's Director of Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation.  Mark's career at WPS began when he was a  student worker in the late 1970's.  He was hired as a full-time custodian helper right after high school and started in that position on June 2, 1980.  He has been serving our district's families for 41 years.

Retirees Heather Winter and Sherry Cullitan receive Golden Apples from School Board Secretary John Oliphant and Board President Bill Spaulding

The character, talent, years of experience, enthusiasm, and Panther Pride that Sherry, Heather, and Mark bring to work with them each day is immeasurable.  We are sad to see them leave, but happy for them that they have reached this milestone.