Congratulations to the CW Tech Robotarians!

The CW Tech Robotarians have qualified for the world FIRST Championship in Houston! (https://www.firstchampionship....) The team is thrilled to be able to participate in the premiere event. 2015 was the last time the team qualified and the team is ready to do its best to represent all the schools associated with their team.

At the State Championship, the team started strong on the Consumers Energy field, ending up 3rd after the first day of qualifications. The next day was a bit tougher and they finished 19th on the field. They were then the first pick of the number Five alliance captain (team 910, Foley Freeze). The alliance fought hard in the two close matches in the quarter-final, but the #4 alliance won and advanced.

The team impressed the judges with the description of some of the unique electronics on their robot, which earned them the Innovation in Controls award on the field.

The team will soon be heading to compete in Houston, TX , with the robot and gear already packed and on its way. WHS Team members making the trip are Bryce Priebe, Nathan Litaker, and Max Stone.