A cut out photo of Marcella Hunt holding an oversized grant check with a group of her art students standing in a group around her.  Text is : "Creativity is all about problem solving and play.  As an art teacher my job is to make students feel comfortable enough to make mistakes, experiment, and play." -Marcella Hunt, Art Teacher at Watervliet High School #Learn by Heart.  At Watervliet Public Schools, we  LEARN BY HEART!

High School art teacher Marcella Hunt is one of those special teachers who goes above and beyond.  Recently, she wrote a grant proposal for the Midwest Energy and Communications (MEC) Strengthening Schools grant program. She was chosen to receive grant funds from among 90 other applicants. 

With the MEC grant,  Hunt is purchasing a printing press for her classroom.  Students will be able to etch into recycled material, such as plastic from food containers or used milk cartons, to create printing plates. These plates can then be used in the press to print art pieces. 

“I’m always looking for different ways of bringing sustainability in (to the classroom),”  Hunt said. Recycling and sustainability are major focus points in Hunt’s classroom and efforts throughout the school.  Hunt’s master’s thesis was on environmental art education, which has shown through past grant proposals, too. A few years ago, she was able to garner grant funds for recycling bins, which are placed throughout the school to collect bottles and cans.  

Reflecting on receiving the MEC grant, Marcella says, "Now I feel inspired to see what other things I can write grants for. You wonder what other monies are out there available.”  Hunt looks forward to continuing to find ways to bring more to her classroom.

Mrs. Hunt joined the staff at WHS 16 years ago with an impressive artist’s resume’.  She had already spent 5 years teaching photography at Kalamazoo Valley Community College and 5 years as a commercial photographer in Chicago.  Originally an architectural photographer,  Hunt traveled the world taking pictures of beautiful buildings. The firm she worked for is one of the few ever allowed to photograph Bills Gates’ home. 

Marcella Hunt has been teaching students at Watervliet High School that everyone has artistic ability. Student Grayson Richards said, “She takes the time to help students when they are struggling.”

"Creativity is all about problem-solving and play,” said  Hunt. As an art teacher my job is to make students feel comfortable enough to make mistakes, experiment and play.”

Thank you Marcella Hunt for showing students how to Learn by Heart!