A girl in a chair with a teddy bear in her lap is reading to two other children who are in a bunk bed.

Mrs.  Brush's Theatre Performance students had an opportunity to put their talents on display - quite literally - as they became live mannequins in the display windows of downtown Watervliet businesses last weekend.  It was all part of the city's Hometown Christmas Festival, and the students did a wonderful job, holding their poses and remaining as still as possible for an hour and a half in the store windows on Saturday evening.  


The theatre students developed the ideas for the window themes and Mrs. Brush supplied the materials needed to bring their ideas to life.  The students included Cecily Schoonover, Chase Morris, Hanna Ice, Kylie Wieand, Riley Smith, Leanna Lovell, Sarah Leoni, Claire Moore, Ella Harris, Norma Gutierrez, Mackenzie Birmele, Noah Harding, Savanah Taylor, Brianna Shriver, and Hailey Adams.