Four Yellow Feather Dusters with award cerfificates attached, one for each grade, Kindergarten, young 5s, 1st grade, and 2nd grade

Seeing a row of yellow feather dusters standing up straight as soldiers in the South Elementary School office today, I was curious to know the story behind this fluffy decor.  Turns out these plumes are more than decorations; they are "Golden Duster Awards", and they were just waiting to be delivered to this week's winning classroom from each grade level.  

Learning to be good citizens is an important part of early elementary education.  Taking care of and pride in their classrooms and school environments is one element in students' learning to be good citizens.  While not directly related to the program, this fun competition also supports elements of the district's positive behavior initiative.

Each week the building custodians at South School select one classroom from each grade level that has done a good job of keeping their room tidy throughout the week.  Those classrooms receive the coveted traveling "Golden Duster Award".  

What a great way to make doing the right thing fun!  

(By the way, this week's winning classrooms are:  Miss Liles' Young 5's class, Mrs. Pratt's Kindergarten class, Mrs. Hauch's 1st-grade class, and Mrs. Milius' 2nd-grade class.  Congratulations!)

A Golden Feather Duster Award