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On Friday, October 29th, each teacher will be having a party that afternoon. Below are our dress up and party rules:

  • Please do not send homemade "treats" to school for this day. They need to be prepackaged / store bought. We have our parties for a very short period because students have trick or treating on Friday after school, Saturday night, AND Sunday night. We are still in learning mode that day and want to utilize every minute. It becomes a little hectic with cleaning up and preparing for unforseen special treats. Thank you! 

  • Students should NOT wear their costumes to school. Students will have time to put on their costumes before the party.

  • No masks or full face painting will be allowed. However students can have “limited” makeup like whiskers, freckles, eye make up, etc. This is for safety reasons.

  • Costumes must not be too scary or inappropriate for the school environment. Please no gory or grotesque costumes.

  • Costumes must adhere to our clothing guidelines regarding modesty. Students must be appropriately covered - no bare midriffs, revealing outfits, or suggestive costumes. 

  • Costumes may not include any type of dangerous props. Unfortunately, bringing anything to school that replicates a gun, knife, or weapon of any kind would mean an automatic suspension. 

  • No simulated blood or depiction of violence will be permitted. These are not appropriate at school. 

  • Parents will not be allowed in the school during any party time. We just don't have the room to cater to that many parents in a classroom.

Since parents are not allowed in the classroom, we will be having a parent parade!! This will be at 2:30. You will drive up in the car pick up line and park there. Then walk to the pavement of the playground. Students will parade the track of the playground for parents to take pictures and watch. 

Then if you'd like to take your child at the end of the day, you will be ready to pick them up after the bell. This will make it so much easier for parking and traffic flow. Thank you very much, Mr. Tiefenbach