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Student Usernames & Passwords
  • While student usernames and passwords are accessible to teachers, it is NEVER allowed for you to access their accounts by signing in as them. Please see Staff Acceptable Use Policy. If you have concerns of student activity, this must go through building principals or administration first.
  • Student passwords will NEVER change unless there has been a major breach by another student. This also would follow the procedures of contacting building principals or administrator. 
  • Students no longer have the availability to change their own password.
  • Student usernames and passwords are the same for their PowerSchool Access and their Google Accounts. If you have a technology or web resource that requires them to create a username and password, have them use their school issued student username and password for consistency.
  • If a student does not remember their username or password, please do not create a help ticket, contact IT, Media Center Specialists, Secretaries or Technology Director. Follow the instructions on the left hand side (teacher only access to the videos) and convey this to the student in PRIVACY so to not divulge this sensitive information to others. 
  • DO NOT Print These Documents as they contain highly sensitive information to student information. IF you must print them, please obtain these printed documents IMMEDIATELY.