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COVID-19 Tracking Dashboard

Click HERE to see the Bridge Magazine Statewide COVID-19 Dashboard


Key Data and Trends for 2/13/21 to 2/19/21:

A. The trend of Covid-19 (COVID) cases or positive tests, hospitalizations due to COVID; and the number of deaths resulting from COVID in the past 14-day period.
  1. Last week 132 new COVID-19 cases were detected. This reporting week 120 New COVID-19 cases were detected (a decrease of 12 cases).
  2. We are seeing an average of 17 new cases per day (a decrease of 4 cases per day from last week).
  3. As of Thursday 02/18 at 10 am there are 12 people hospitalized with a positive COVID-19 result. The health system continues to operate well within its capacity.
  4. There were 5 COVID-19 related deaths among Berrien County Residents identified in the past 14 days.
B. COVID cases for each day for every 1 million people.
  1. This past week Berrien’s average new case rate is calculated to be 11.13 cases per 100,000 residents or 111.3 Cases per 1 million residents.
C. The percentage of positive COVID tests over a four-week period.
  1. 7 day % positivity = 5.0%
  2. 14 day % positivity = 5.3%
  3. 28 day % positivity = 6.23%
D. Health care capacity strength.
  1. Testing continues to be readily available and turnaround times are good. PPE has an adequate supply.
E. Testing, tracing, and containment infrastructure with regard to COVID.
  1. In addition to administering mass vaccination, public health continues case investigation for all residents who are confirmed positive with COVID-19 within 24 hours of a report of positive results.
  2. Those with COVID-19 symptoms need to continue to avoid close contact with others.
CDC Recommendations for Schools and Openings
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