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Watervliet Public Schools

Working Together To Keep Us Together


Dear students:  

Welcome to the seventh grade science room!   We must work together to keep the science room in functional order.  In order to keep things on track I have a set of classroom rules and expectations that MUST be followed in order for the classroom remains a safe place to talk about science and do science experiments.  

The guiding principle for the classroom is:  The teacher has the right to teach and the students have the right to learn in a safe environment.


You will listen to others when they speak.

You will follow all safety instructions.

You will always wear the appropriate safety gear.

You will treat every student in class as if they were you.

Classroom Rules

Follow directions the first time given.

Come to class prepared to learn.

Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

Get attention the right way.

Transition quickly and quietly.

Actions for breaking a rule or expectations is as follows:

  1. The student will be reminded in class on how to behave in the classroom.
  2. The student will be asked to step in the hall so we can have a more in-depth conversation about classroom behavior.
  3. The parent is called by the teacher before going home for the day.
  4. The student is sent to another area at school for example the counseling office in which a parent may get two phone calls home, one from the teacher before going home for the day.
  • A phone call from the teacher is not always going to be a negative consequence.  A phone call or other form of communication is always welcome. My number is 269-463-0780.  My email is   

With these expectations and rules we will have a successful year.  This year in science we will be studying:


    Organization of Living Things

  • Heredity
  • Human Systems

Physical Science:

  • Changes in Matter
  • Properties of Matter
  • Energy


  • Periodic Table
  • Interactions of elements
  • Parts of Atoms

As you can tell we have a lot to learn and discover.

Marking period grades will be determined through:

Bell work, Assignments, Science notebooks, Participation in experiments, Quizzes and Tests

Semester grades are based on 40 % on two different marking periods and 20% on Exams.


As a seventh grader, there are exams at the end of the First Semester, and then another set exams at the end of the year.

The grading system is as follows:

100-97%= A+  89-87% = B+    79-77% = C+ 69-67% = D+   

96-94% = A          86-84% = B       76-74% = C         66-64% = D

93-90%= A-          83-80%= B-     73-70% = C-   63-60% = D-


If you are absent for any reason it is your responsibility to get the work you missed.  If it is not available on Google Classroom or you have no way to access the internet at home, copies of the week’s homework will be in the file folders by the classroom door.  When turning in work when you are absent make sure you have written the word absent under your name so that no points will be taken away. Twenty-five percent will be taken away from late assignments and will not be accepted more than two days after the work is due.

I will occasionally be contacting each of your parents as well, both for good behavior and other things.  Do not be alarmed if your parent(s) tell you that they have heard from me. Together we will have a wonderful school year with many learning experiences.


Mrs. Steadman

Dear Parents and Students,

Please review the information with each other then sign and return this page to school.  Thank you for your support and I look forward to talking to you each soon.


Mrs. Steadman

My signature below signifies that I have read and understand the procedures and grading policy of the Science program at Watervliet Public Schools.

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