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Christa Steadman » Welcome to 7th Grade Science!

Welcome to 7th Grade Science!

Hello, welcome to the 7th grade! 
My name is Mrs. Steadman, I graduated from Western Michigan University, since then I have taken many graduate courses. I have the firm belief that no matter how old you are, you can learn something new every day.
I have two daughters that are in school, and a husband who works for a trucking company.  I love to explore nature, read, do crafts and work with students! I have been teaching for many years for various schools and subjects.

7th grade Science Description                                  

In 7th grade science we will be covering various topics which include:


The year will consist of looking at life as something that is highly organized, even down to the processes of out smallest cells.  Topics that will be covered in the 7th Grade Biology unit are included below.

  • Organization of Living Things
  • Heredity
  • Human Systems

Physical Science:

The year will consist of Matter and how is Matter defined.  What types of interactions are continuously happening during a change in energy.    Topics that will be covered in the 7th Grade Physical Science unit are included below.

  • Changes in Matter
  • Properties of Matter
  • Energy
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