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Watervliet Public Schools

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High School Guidance Office Secretary Job Opening Posted

Department: Building Level
Reports to: Building Principal
Summary: To provide a well-organized and smoothly functioning guidance office.
Required Qualifications:
● High school graduate required - Associate’s degree or higher preferred
● Proficient in Google Suite and its applications including Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.
● Preferred- Meet one of the following requirements:
     ○ Complete at least two years of study at college (equal to 60 semester hours)
     ○ Obtain an associate’s degree (or higher)
● Extreme respect for confidentiality and professional discretion
Preferred Personal and Professional Competencies:

● Working knowledge of PowerSchool SIS or significant experience with a different student
information system
● Demonstrated ability to multitask and shift priorities comfortably
● Work collaboratively with other office staff and administration and promote a collegial work
● Regular, timely, and predictable attendance.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities (non-prioritized):

● Manage the guidance office.
● Fully utilize the district student information system to manage all appropriate information.
● Maintain confidentiality of all pertinent information (FERPA).
● Schedule appointments and conferences as requested.
● Type a variety of materials, such as letters, student records, reports, memos, student
awards, etc.
● Maintain a schedule for school visitations from colleges, military, and other interests for
● Manage student academic records for transferring (in or out) students and follow up with
other school districts to assure proper record keeping.
● Maintain accurate records and accounts as appropriate.
● Collect, record, and deposit monies when necessary.
● Mail college applications and official transcripts.
● Prepare appropriate staff, student, and parent bulletins.
● Prepare the counseling office for both the opening and closing of the school year.
● Process all changes/ adjustments in student schedules as requested.
● Maintain the immunizations on the state site for WHS and W-A-Y.
● Manage the collection, storage, archiving, and distribution of student records including
transcripts, schedules, grades, assessment scores, and other data as requested by the
counselor or principal for the high school and W.A.Y. alternative school.
● Assist with state reporting for Teacher Student Data Link (TSDL) and Migrant TSDL, student
records maintenance (SRM), Michigan Student Data System (MSDS), and other areas as
● Assist in the selection, registering, and enrollment of dual-enrolled coursework.
● Assist counselor with PSAT, SAT, and AP tests.
● Maintain the scholarship board for students.
● Perform other such office duties as may be assigned.
Deadline for applications: June 4, 2021

Starting Date:                      As soon as practicable after hire. No later than July 1, 2021

Terms of Employment:      215 day work year.

Salary and Benefits:          Per WESPA Master Agreement based on experience and credentials

Evaluation: Performance evaluation annually by the building principal and with input from the guidance counselor.
It is the policy of the Watervliet Public Schools that no person shall, on the basis of sex, religion, age,
marital status, race, color, national origin, ancestry, weight, height, or handicap be excluded from
participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination in employment or any
of its programs or activities.

In accordance with state law and board policy, no person shall be hired to work in contact with
children prior to being fingerprinted and passing a criminal records review.