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Watervliet Public Schools

Working Together To Keep Us Together

Watervliet Public Schools Foundation Donation Will Allow District to Purchase On-Line Hot Spots

Last night the Watervliet Public Schools Foundation for Excellence presented the Watervliet School Board with a check for $21,230.05. The Foundation kicked off a fundraising campaign called, "I'M IN FOR $TWENTY$"  to help the district in purchasing and maintaining on-line hot spots for students during this pandemic. Staff members, alumni, parents, community members and businesses of every size donated to this worthwhile cause. This is an example of the wonderful people in Watervliet working together to help students. A big thank you to everone that donated to the "I'M IN FOR $TWENTY$" campaign. Donations of all sizes helped the Foundation reach its first large fundraising goal.  
The Foundation will continue to work on projects for Watervliet students and teachers. The Foundation's pledge is to provide opportunity for all students by raising money to:
  • Provide better resources
  • Provide better technologies
  • Provide better experiences 
The Foundation will continue to raise money for the district and will keep you posted on its next project and goal. For more information please check out: