Watervliet Public Schools

Working Together to Keep Us Together

Watervliet WAY Program
450 E. Red Arrow Highway
Watervliet, MI. 49098
(269) 463-0897
(269) 463-7614 (Fax)

Dave Kindt - Director
Greg Chisek -  Lab Mentor / Lab Technician
Heather Winter - Team Leader
Alecia Hickman - Team Leader
Welcome to Watervliet WAY Program

What do we provide to the W-A-Y student?

Watervliet Public Schools will provide:
 - Computer Workstations
 - Internet Connectivity
 - Mentors
 - Team Leaders
 - On-Campus Learning Lab 
The W-A-Y Program will provide: 
 - Content Experts
 - Curriculum
 - Assessment
 - Standard Based Reporting System
 - State Wide and International Online Learning Environment
Who can benefit from Watervliet W-A-Y?
 - Home-schooled Students
 - Students with life circumstances that do not fit a traditional school schedule
 - Working adolescents
 - Students who are behind in credits
 - Students who enjoy learning in a creative fun W-A-Y! 
For More Information, contact Dave Kindt (WAY Director) at (269) 463-0897

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